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Choose The Sections You Desire

Remember, sometimes less is more. Don't include all the sections unless you really need them. Your client is on a journey, don't overwhelm them. Instead, give them exactly what they need, when they need it and you'll convert the person to a customer.

Hero Section

A popular choice for the top of the website. This is the first thing people see and usually contains your call-to-action or value proposition. Choosing a good image and some powerful words helps to convert visitors into customers. We can help with the wording.

hero example


Used to give people direction on what to do next. You can include buttons, links, forms, download links, phone numbers. Whatever your next step is, tell the person to take it and make it easy for them to do.

cta section


This is where you get the chance to tell people a little about yourself and your company. But don’t get too carried away, try to focus on how you and your experience can help solve the client’s problem. Giving examples of your experiences should be aimed towards how that means you can better serve your client.

about section

Features & Benefits SECTION

People are looking for solutions to a problem. They will buy because they see benefits. But you’ll appeal to their logic with features. If you can appeal to their emotions using benefits and their logic with features you have a guaranteed sale. This section pairs well with a call-to-action section directly underneath it.

features section


While some pages are purely informational or used as the first step in a funnel, others need a sale. Tell people about the options you have and give them the prices. Try to include as many benefits as you can, in an easier to compare manner.

pricing section

Other Sections

Other sections you can consider include:

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