Turning mid-week nights into ‘Friday Nights’ for Rendeavous Restaurant

Rendeavous Restaurant Logo

There a few restaurants in Point Cook, and some are better than others. Rendeavous Restaurant is one of best in the area. It is one of The Traction Factory’s favourite places to eat, and has been for some time, we also host our Big Networking events there.

After being a regular client for some time we got to know Jessica, the Manager. And over time we discussed how much we liked the restaurant and how we could help boost the business. Jessica was keen to grow the business and asked if we could have a meeting to discuss marketing opportunities.

The meeting took place and we immediately took control of their advertising and marketing.

Our brief was simple.

  1. To get more people in the restaurant mid-week.
  2. Heighten the restaurant profile in the community.
  3. Increase the number of delivery and takeaway orders.

Further, Jessica has a busy restaurant to run, so needed a hands-off approach from her side of things. So the main constraint was to ensure that Jessica’s involvement was flexible and under her control.

The Rendeavous Restaurant Journey

Step 1)   Heighten the Rendeavous Restaurant social media profile.

Rendeavous Facebook

The brief was to get a campaign going which would illustrate what a great place Rendeavous was to visit.  They already had a great presence on Facebook but were paying for advertising. And while the adverts were getting some interaction the numbers in the restaurant were not growing fast enough.

The first thing we did was stop using Facebook advertising! Although this is counter-intuitive the adverts were under-performing and therefore wasting marketing budget.

The next biggest task was delivering good content and offers to the residents of Point Cook. We drew up a 6-month campaign which included a range of special offers and regular awareness posts. We also increased the number of food pictures because we “eat with our eyes” first.

One of the most popular and successful postings for the restaurant featured megashakes. You’ve probably seen them around on the internet, or even the Rendeavous Facebook Page

Rendeavous Megashake

To assist growth, we boost an occasional post with a small budget of less than $50. This occasional boost helps to grow the followers and therefore reach more people with the organic posts.

Because “foodies” hang out a lot on Instagram, the platform is almost Facebook for food. It made sense that Rendeavous should have a prominent appearance on Instagram. We set up Instagram and this regularly drives traffic to the site but more importantly raises awareness of the restaurant.

Social Media Results

  • The number of followers increases by around 350 per month. This growth is consistent and is due to the level of interaction on posts and the length of time running the social media.
  • On average each post reaches 1,400 viewers.
  • Some posts reach as many as 10,000 (organic) interactions!

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Step 2)  Build a database of clients

Düfa iPad

The restaurant had a good level of loyal diners because the food is great and consistent. But, there was no collection of identities. This meant in quieter times of the year the options to market were smaller than the could be.

The goal was to capture the identity of the diners and to drive more repeat business.

We designed and wrote an app (in-house) to collect identities at the point of sale. The app sits on an iPad next to the till. And during the bill payment, the person may notice an enticing offer advising if they fill in their details they could receive X Y Z reward.

The offer changes monthly and drives repeat business as well as building a database. So this was a win-win situation not only for the restaurant but for the customer as well.

Because part of the initial brief was to limit Jessica’s time involvement we set up a little bit of marketing automation. When a person subscribes using the app they receive the stated offer voucher. Then, they get a couple of promotional emails – not too many though since “sales spam” is bad! The email database gets emails which promote special events and to encourage a re-visit in quieter times of the year such as winter.

Database Results

  • The restaurant enjoys a growing number of clients in their database.
  • The use of the database attracts a higher level of repeat business and brings in a good level of revenue.

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Step 3)  Improve the Rendeavous Restaurant website

Rendeavous Homepage

Rendeavous Homepage 2

Jessica already had a website, but it was difficult to update when the menu changed. Also, there was no booking feature so clients had to call in order to make a reservation.

We built a fresh and modern website which reflected the style of the restaurant. As part of the build, we included a booking feature which streamlined the reservation process for both the client and the restaurant. The booking feature allows people to reserve a table whatever time of day the client wishes to perform that action.

The website included the setup of Google Analytics. The analytics guide the on-going development of the site and to help tune the site to increase conversions.

Website Results

  • The new website generates around 100% more visitors per month than the old site.
  • The average number of visitors to the site is 2000 with an estimated time on the site being 3 minutes (very good in today’s measurement)
  • Rendeavous Restaurant enjoys upwards of $9,000 per month in booking revenue.
  • The conversion rate for visitors booking a table is a whopping 3.6%. Most websites are lucky to convert even 1% of the traffic to a purchase!

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Step 4)  Utilise tried & trusted marketing methods

Rendeavous Menu

Not everyone uses social media. And even people that do might not check their local community pages and groups. This means there is a percentage of people who miss out on the Rendeavous restaurant promotion.

As a result, we created a menu leaflet stating that delivery was also available.

The menu design matched the branding of the restaurant and included everything on the current in-house menu. To ease the time constraint on Jessica we liaised with a local printer to produce 20,000 leaflets. We distributed to local homes in the Point Cook area.

Additional leaflet campaigns promote special events such as Mothers Day and Fathers Day.

Leaflet Results

  • The special date campaigns such as Mothers or Fathers Day almost always fill the restaurant to its 150 seating capacity.
  • The regular distribution of the menu leaflet has resulted in a massive increase in takeaway and delivery orders.
  • The combination of leaflet delivery and social media has a great effect on the number of clients.

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Step 5)  Increase variety

Rendeavous burger and shake deal

People like variety and everyone loves a good deal. With Jessica’s help, we introduced a daily special offering to help fill the tables mid-week.

We designed a series of leaflets which sit on each table in a dispenser. The leaflets are small but give the reader the exact deal, price and the day.

We send out these offers on Facebook, Instagram and with hard copy leaflets as well.

The daily specials allow the restaurant a level of control in their marketing. Because, if they suspect a Monday will be quiet due to low website bookings, a promotion for the Monday special will help fill the tables.

Variety Results

  • The uptake on various daily specials has increased revenue by about 50% above the normal takings for each day.
  • The specials help to keep the social media campaign from getting stale because the content rotates.

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Did we drive marketing action for Rendeavous?

The original brief was:

  1. To get more people in the restaurant mid-week.
  2. Heighten the restaurant profile in the community.
  3. Increase the number of delivery and takeaway orders.

Did we get more people in mid-week? 

Yes! There is a huge improvement on the mid-week covers with an increase of around 50%. The number of people who visit during the day and for breakfast increased by around 35% as well.

While the primary goal was to increase the mid-week covers another expected effect occurred. The already busy Friday and Saturday nights almost always require a prior booking! With most of the booking coming through online the website is really shining at this stage.

Did we heighten the restaurant’s profile?

Yes, the average interaction on Facebook posts increased by 600% with a 100% decrease in Facebook Ad spend.

Did we increase the deliveries and takeaway orders?

Yes, the restaurant had to employ additional delivery staff to take care of the orders.

If you would like more information on Rendeavous Restaurant and why it is different to other restaurants in the area then speak to Jessica on (03) 9394 7795. Or visit www.rendeavous.com.au

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