How we helped The Salad Sanctuary launch

Stephanie Brown approached us for help to launch her new business The Salad Sanctuary. A local Point Cook business set up in September 2016 to deliver fresh salads and healthy meals direct to your door.

Stephanie’s excitement and passion showed a strong commitment to success and she wanted to get the most impact with her idea.  However, she was unsure how to get her message to her marketplace.

The Salad Sanctuary Concept

The Salad Sanctuary

The availability of fresh healthy food in the Point Cook area is low. While there are options available, the majority of food establishments serve fast food. The Salad Sanctuary idea was to provide the residents of Point Cook with a healthy food option.

The ordering is simple, because who wants anything to be complex, right?

  1. You go online to and choose either a build your own salad or a chef’s daily special.
  2. You then decide when you want it delivering (lunchtime or dinner time)
  3. And finally, choose where you want it delivering.

Your food then arrives at your doorstep whether that be your home or work.

Setting up for success

The goal was to attract local, Point Cook individuals. To get the most ROI and maximise impact each campaign was carefully directed and was location specific.

Because each campaign is location specific it means you can draw very accurate conclusions in the reports.

Step 1) To build a website that would allow people to order and pay online. We created

This is the website home page:

The Salad Sanctuary Homepage

The Salad Sanctuary Create Your Own

The Salad Sanctuary Create Your Own


Step 2) To launch a Facebook page and promote to the local groups. We attracted in excess of 1500 visitors to the site in the 1st month solely via Facebook. The facebook follower number grows by around 200 per month and people are interacting on most posts. This social media activity drove traffic to the website and produced orders.

The Salad Sanctuary Facebook


Step 3) To increase the profile of The Salad Sanctuary in the local area to ensure people know who they are. A professional ‘back window’ advertisement meant the company branding was visible. The bold and bright design attracts positive attention and has resulted in several new clients ordering salads.

The Salad Sanctuary Car Wrap


Step 4) The next step was to introduce a leaflet campaign. A schedule of leaflet drops included sending 2000 leaflets out per week. This is an ongoing action with an average of 7000 leaflets delivered each month.

The Salad Sanctuary Leaflet


Step 5) We introduced a tradie specific leaflet, with the intention to attract people working onsite without easy access to good food.

The Salad Sanctuary Tradie

The Results

The business has now been running for 3 months and has a number of repeat customers.

The website visits are currently hovering around 900 per month. Social media is the prime driver of the website visits

Revenue is strong and is increasing daily.

Stephanie now has a foothold in the Point Cook food scene and is now able to use this to her advantage and grow even bigger.

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Moving onwards and upwards

Stephanie has many options to further grow her business. A lot of these options are going to focus on automating the business processes, in particular, the marketing.

Future actions may include

  1. An overhaul of the website. This upgrade will allow people to buy additional products such as smoothies. Plus in winter, soups can be a welcome addition.
  2. Running a regular monthly Google Analytics report to fully analyse the website traffic with a goal of increasing conversions and lowering marketing costs.
  3. Introduce an automated email campaign delivery and reminder notification service.
  4. Bring a referral scheme on board to assist growth and revenue production.
  5. Fully automate lead generation so Stephanie can concentrate on making awesome salads.
  6. Another development may include the design and implementation of an app for ordering. This would increase the reach of The Salad Sanctuary and therefore the potential for sales.

The positioning for the business initially to attract individuals. However, Stephanie has enjoyed some success targeting businesses and this will be explored more over the coming months.

Launching yourself

The launch of a new business is exciting but does usually mean limited budgets and experience.

With a limited budget, every action has to count and produce a strong result. This isn’t a time to try ‘off-the-wall’ new ideas, but instead to use the tried and trusted methods of marketing.

But, once the revenue begins to build you can get a bit more adventurous because you’ve got the budget to assist the growth.

If you would like more information on the service that Stephanie offers please call her on 0447 349 278. Alternatively, email her at 

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