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90 Day Results


Five Star PLUS! Tim and Tanya from The Traction Factory are fantastic! They really have taken the time to understand our business and help us work out the very best way to reach our customers. Love working with these guys, they are terrific and I highly recommend them!
Jude Barnes - Results First Aid
Jude Barnes
Results First Aid
We are a UK business that has benefitted from The Traction Factory, they do great work on your behalf with very little input, we have seen results in less than two weeks! I honestly can't rate them highly enough! They can promote your business, even from halfway around the world!
Andrea Fergus
Star Fitness
Absolutely fantastic ! I was quite lost with how to manage and market my business until I had a one-on-one session with Tanya! We went through so many options and brainstormed a lot of ideas ! I have a new found excitement for making my business work ! Thankyou so much
Jessica Lee
Jessica McLennan
Jessica Lee - Hair and Make Up Artist

Behind The Scenes At The Traction Factory.

Marketing is the love child of Science and Art.

In today’s marketplace the amount of effort required to get someone’s attention is much higher than it was a few years ago. So that means you’ve got to be smart. And being smart may mean that you actually promote less, but target your prospects with a higher precision.

We’ve got a map!

No, it’s not a treasure map, but it is pretty similar!

Our unique map helps you to choose your direction. You can go down many paths at the same time, or just choose one. Whatever the case, you are guaranteed to get success within 90-days or you get your money back!

The number one task is to look at your current marketing plan. Or create one if you haven’t got a plan.

What happens next is hard to say because it depends on your goals, objectives and current marketing activities.

Traction Factory map