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Melbourne Marketing Solutions is the former version of The Traction Factory.

The company had a very distinct purpose. To deliver higher level marketing services such as consultancy and strategy.

Melbourne Marketing Solutions, or MMS for short ran side-by-side with Your Marketing Specialist. Which dealt with the production side of marketing. The things like website creation, graphic design and social media, for example.

The original goal was to keep Your Marketing Specialist as a tactical and hands-on brand. And Melbourne Marketing Solutions as a high-level advisor.

Further, Melbourne Marketing was to act as a corporate umbrella for the 3 companies. Your Marketing Specialist, Leaflets in Point Cook and BIG Networking.

While the goal was simple, the execution slowly crept into MMS delivering everything. This also meant that Your Marketing Specialist became less relevant. Because there is little point having two companies doing the same thing!

Plus, Melbourne Marketing Solutions began doing mobile app development and marketing automation. Neither of these services fit into the Your Marketing Specialist model. Which was basic marketing services.

So, the lines became blurred and confusing. Not only for us, but for our clients as well. Especially when it came time for invoicing!

And so The Traction Factory was born!

The Traction Factory brings together the skills of all the companies. Instead of only creating a website, or doing social media, The Traction Factory approach is different. We put a range of systems in place to get results, using what we call The Intelligent Marketing System.

This systematic approach means our clients get a better result. Because their marketing is bigger than regular tactic based elements.

The Company History

The Traction Factory is a unified collection of many services, many companies and a lot of experience.

Company History

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