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BIG Networking is a small group of local business owners who meet once a month to pass referrals.
Our group has a relaxed and informal approach to business networking. But the group is still very professional. The result is an interesting and caring ambience that works well for most businesses.
Once you’ve attended a meeting you can join our Facebook group. The Facebook group allows members to post promotions and ask for help or advice. It also means that you can a bit more exposure for your business
The BIG Networking group meets on the last Friday of every month at a local restaurant or cafe. Breakfast is always included, and coffee or tea of course!

Why Networking?

As a business owner, you know how important it is to get your name fixed in the minds of potential customers. And One under-utilised method to promote your business is Face-to-Face business networking.
Some people, often through no fault of their own fall into two well-known marketing traps.
  1. Believing a great website always converts visitors into customers.
  2. Thinking that a well designed Social Media campaign will keep the company in profits. 
While it would be nice to have the above two points be true, the truth is that the results are often less than you hoped for. The real way of making gains is to have a multi-channel marketing campaign!
By including networking in your marketing strategy, you can grow and gain extra business from new sources.

Being a successful networker is hard work! 

Networking can work well for businesses. Because you get qualified leads turning up at your door. But it’s not just a case of turning up at a meeting once and expecting people to give you business. It’s something that you have to work at. You need to become trusted and willing to give to others. That’s how you win at networking!
If you are interested in attending a networking meeting, just fill in this contact form and include your contact details.

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